Hi, I'm Lucille, I founded Bellet Translations to help law professionals,

boutique translation agencies and fellow translators within my two areas of expertise:

Procedural Law and Business Law.


I translate from English, Spanish, Norwegian into French.



As a legal translator, my job is to convey meaning in a style typical of the target-language legal system without distorting the source message. Translating documents such as pleadings and contracts is not a straightforward task, so you need a qualified, specialized translator. In order to produce accurate and fit-for-purpose translations, I put my in-depth knowledge of the relevant legal systems into use, I work hard on my legal education (through readings, courses, seminars, etc.) and I have excellent research and writing skills. I focus on two fields of law: Procedural Law and Business Law. 



When I have to translate a claim that will later be filed to court, for instance, I know there is a lot at stake and I work towards the success of your case. Once you send me a legal document to be translated, you can set your mind at rest, focus on your job and forget about the translation until receiving it. I always deliver on time, if not earlier. 




  • Master’s Degree in Legal and Financial Translation                      Sorbonne-Nouvelle University, Paris



  • Test of Legal English Skills —Advanced level (this exam accredits the level of legal English skills of non-native English speakers) 
  • Contract Law: From Trust to Promise to Contract                            Harvard Law School
  • Introduction to International Criminal Law                                            Case Western Reserve University
  • Training in French Business Law, by Lucie Davioud, lawyer-linguist



  • American Translators Association
  • Asociación española de traductores

My linguistic background in short:

I am French; Spanish is my second mother tongue. 

I studied English and Spanish at school and at the university. I learned Norwegian later on.